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Robert Baynes Marshall was born in Bronx, New York and went on to graduate from the NY State Maritime College with a degree in Marine Engineering. Subsequently he sailed in the Merchant Marine. Robert earned an MBA in finance and business from the NYU Graduate School of Business. He then went on to become an executive vice president with Drake Beam Morin, the largest outplacement firm in the world.


In 1990 Robert formed The Marshall Group, Inc (MGI). and developed a new approach to Outplacement titled Redeployment. MGI included among its clients many public utilities, including FPL and Arizona Public Service, and many others. He worked with many non-utilities including Westinghouse Corporation and non profits including a Catholic Hospital in Phoenix, AZ. MGI worked with international clients in Panama, Canada and the UK. Robert was awarded special recognition for the humane and successful process employed to assist in a difficult downsizing in a catholic hospital from the Religious Order of Nuns who ran the hospital. 


Our vision is to enable organizations confronting a downsizing challenge today to return to an era and a process that treats all employees consistently and fairly while accomplishing business objectives and avoiding personnel problems from those employees who remain or those who may leave.  The result is a stronger organization and a more committed, involved, and productive workforce.

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